American Standard Heat Pumps

We partner with leading residential HVAC manufacturers to ensure our customers get incredible performance from their Cooling & Heating systems for years to come.

American Standard Heat Pumps
Bryant Evolution Series Heat Pumps

AccuComfort™ Platinum Heat Pumps

Welcome home to comfort. Our AccuComfort™ Platinum Heat Pumps come with AccuComfort™ technology that allows the multi-stage heating and cooling system to consistently adjust to run at a more efficient speed to maintain your personal level of comfort.

Model Seer Rating HSPF Rating Compressor Type
Platinum 20 Up to 22.0 Up to 10 Variable
Platinum 20 Up to 18 Up to 10 Variable
Bryant Preferred Series Heat Pumps

AccuComfort™ Gold and Silver Heat Pumps

Efficient in any weather, Gold Series heat pumps feature hardworking components like Spine Fin™ coils and two-stage Duration™ compressors that keep the comfort coming.

Model Seer Rating HSPF Rating Compressor Type
Gold 17 Up to 17.25 Up to 9.6 Single Speed
Silver 16 Up to 17.0 Up to 9.6 Single Speed
Silver 15 Up to 16.0 Up to 9.5 Single Speed
Silver 14 Up to 14.5 Up to 8.5 Single Speed
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